Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The only organization which advocates the wellbeing of DJs and promotes the disc
jockeying culture in Ghana; The Ghana DJ Awards, is set to organize a workshop for
DJs and their stakeholders on November 20, 2020.
The interactive and practical problem-solving session seeks to improve through
collaboration, the required skill set for Ghanaian DJs to impact new trends beyond the
nation and the African continent as a whole.
Chairman of the Ghana DJ Awards board, Rev Azigiza Jnr in an interview noted that the
workshop is purposed to orient and expose DJs to new trends, ideas, and technologies
that are rapidly evolving in the world.
Rev. Azigiza Jnr also hinted at plans to form a Ghana DJs Union during this workshop to
champion the disc jockeying agenda in the country.
Participants will also witness an exhibition of DJing equipment and software from some
bestsellers that will enable them to perform better.
The DJ workshop will introduce the participants to work with sounds, learning to “think
like a DJ”, selecting music, mashing up music and genres,  beat matching, BPMs, and
EQing, and a general educative understanding of sound and mood curation. 
The Ghana DJ Awards workshop scheduled for November 20, will precede the main
Ghana DJ Awards show, which will take place the following day, November 21st.

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