Tuesday, August 3, 2021

As Ghanaians go to the polls on Monday 7th December, many will be held spellbound, as results filter in from the different constituencies. With chases of high anxiety, Ghanaians have been asked to leave polling stations, after casting there votes. This, experts say is to reduce the chance of clashes.

The Gold Coast Restaurant And Cocktail Bar, noting the increase tension in monitoring the elections alone, have opened their doors to patrons who are eager to find out who will lead the polls.

The tourism establishment, located behind the Accra Tourist Information Center, has announced that it’d be screening the election watch for customers who may want to observe over food and drinks.

“We believe that by opening our doors, we’ll help Ghanaians access a safe and calm atmosphere, devoid of tension. It’d also be a good testament of co-existence, as we expect Ghanaians from all parties to join us in a peaceful manner”, said Madam Francisca Quagraine.

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