Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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This year, the world has been battered by bad news, a pandemic, an economic downturn, and many other occurrences that may sound like stories from a macabre novel.

Earlier on, Esi Chelle reminded the diaspora of its role in assisting Africa in struggles like End Sars. The Ghanaian born star is on a thoroughfare to becoming one of the names America recognizes in the world of music.

Her new offering is A Letter To My Lover; a six-track Extended Play, that brings back that classic Afrobeat and R’n’B marriage. It’s interesting that in a world that is psychologically wounded, this body of work comes across as part of our therapy.

The album appears like Esi Chelle’s attempt to tell a love story in 6 tracks. The album is opened by an interlude that sends out positive energy and encourages self-love. This sets the EP out on the right path, as the artist paints a canvas of neatly tailor instrumentals, with images of courage, heartbreak, passion, and the general overtone of love.

It’s commendable that Esi Chelle, doesn’t abandon her roots. The EP spiced with African flavors and that’s easily the most exciting reason to listen. Singles from the album are beginning to gain play on some urban radio stations and fans are being encouraged to stream on digital platforms.

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